Monday, May 9, 2011

Blogger has Deleted My Bloglist

Oh woe is me: my follow list has been pillaged and is no more.   I seem to have lost a host or is it a bunch, a posse...or maybe a flotilla of followers which means that the ones lost were those who only followed me because I followed them.   Well, that's ok then.   Lets face it, those kinda bloggers are unwilling to commit to my rants and diatribes, flaky behaviour and periods of absence.   Only the true follower would hang in there, not particularly noticing or caring about your absence but happy to see your wee name pop up every month or so nonetheless.

But what am I to do, I'll miss those peeps I followed, albeit quietly, stalker-like in my silence but reading nonetheless.   Thanks Blogger.   Better say it again in a whisper, they may pillage my page next......thanks a lot, Blogger.   Insert sarcasm.

But to food.   Always to food.

Sainsburys in the UK has started an ad campaign "Feeding Four For Fifty".   Hmmm.   I think my fifty could take their forty in a fight but check it out, it's all about paying less and eating healthy and the recipes look good so I'm all for it. 

We've had sausage meatballs in a tomato and basil sauce this week alongside tortellini in an oregano, tomato and ricotta cheese sauce, turkey chilli with a lovely yoghurt and avocado dressing....soooo good and a lot less fat and cost than beef....Sloppy Joe Bake, a wee invention as my kids and I can't bear the thought of eating it on buns; I know it's cultural and would no doubt taste great I promise to give it a go but for now, we tried it topped with potatoes, bread, cheese etc.

This post has no pictures...wah, I hear me you cry but that will be resolved once I can once again upload the darn things.  

Stay with me peeps, it's about to get tasty round here.


Janice said...

Blogger sometimes does that and then your followers mysteriously reappear, fingers crossed.

I thought of you immediately when I saw that Sainsbury slogan, bloody cheek. I would sue if I was you!

Mise said...

Sometimes the last thing you need is a pesky follower sneaking bits of icing and sugar roses when you're not looking. To hell with them.

Mama Up! said...

That whole sloppy joe business has always kind of grossed me out. In a casserole is one thing, but on bread that then gets all mushy and gross? No thanks!

Pistachio and Rose said...

Yey, your back!!!!!!

Little Ms Blogger said...

You'll probably get your blogger list back - it has done this to me in the past.

Would have loved to see pictures.

The Dutch Girl said...

I am always happy to see you pop up in my reader!

tommy said...

so as always I'm late as hell on this one but I just say the pic of your Easter cake-- LOVE it... b-e-a-u-tiful even...

Claudya Martinez said...

Maybe the list will come back. When I was on blogger I lost it once and then it reappeared. Love you, miss you!

LisaDay said...

I giggled about your sloppy Joe comment. We always eat it on buns and we call your version slush.


Unknown said...

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Caution/Lisa said...

Oh, I do hope your blogger woes are resolved now! My kids love sloppy joes - on buns. But topped with potatoes and cheese? I think I could make my kids converts!

Jennifer Oberth said...

I hope your list is back! I love sloppy joes but the emphasis is on 'sloppy' isn't it?

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I do hope your blogger woes are resolved now! My kids love sloppy joes

Jenn Erickson said...

I'm not goin' anywhere.


Love your Easter cake, by the way!

Jenn/Rook No. 17

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