Tuesday, January 25, 2011

To A Haggis

Happy Burns Day!   Today, in Scotland, we celebrate Robert Burns, our national poet by eating, drinking, reciting poetry and generally making merry.   For our Burn's Supper, we eat haggis, after serenading it with it's own special Address...and other verse of such blethering words, only those who are Scottish, drunk or sleeping can understand it...oh, and how we love it!

Here is my daughter, Addressing the Haggis.....

Tonight, we had Haggis Pie with neeps and tatties.

We'll be having a Burns Supper on Friday night with friends.   Cullen Skink, Haggis Neeps and Tatties and Shortbread Pudding will be served alongside a wee dram or five.   I promise to explain what this all means, then.   


Friday, January 21, 2011

Some Food

Well, bloggy peeps, another year is well underway, another chance to eat well, work hard and play.   I've been warming up the cold, frosty days  with lots of stews, soups and broths as well as a few salads and cakes because lets face it, everyone needs cake in their life
 Lemon Chicken Stew
 When I first made this, it looked wonderful but didn't taste so great; I went against my instinct and stuck to the recipe.   I realise now, my instinct is probably pretty good when it comes to food and although I should probably act on it, I have been surprised before.   I remade it by marinading the chicken in lemon, ginger, thyme, sesame oil and olive oil with a tiny bit of chilli and lots of salt and pepper.  The full recipe to follow.

 Patatas Bravas with Chorizo....mmmmm.

 Helen's Samosas
 Coming up this week: Haggis Samosas!   

 Scallop Salad...a wee bit of sunshine amidst the stews


 Will's Cheeseburger Cakes!   Yup, cake....very clever and tasty.

 Brooklyn Blackout Cake filled with cream and berries, covered in Nutella Icing

 Grandpa's Steak Pie!