Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Food Week in Pictures

The last day of summer, the sun shone with glee.   We spent the day loitering in the garden, lazing on deck chairs and enjoying the warm sun.   We had a BBQ and Brian and I stayed up to watch the sun set.   The kids, tired and excited about the return to school, smiled through half shut eyes as they wearily set of for bed, windows open to let in the cool air.

Breaded Cobbler with baby buttered potatoes and cucumber slices

Goats Cheese and Spicy Prawn Salad with Sweet Chilli and Black Pepper Sauce

Yet more prawns!   Prawn Broth with Noodles.   Mmmm.

You know we love Chicken with roasted veg

Healthy BBQ food; halloumi and mushroom kebab, mixed salad, sunblushed tomatoes drizzled with pesto, loives, BBQ'd asparagus and baby buttered potatoes.

Homemade mini burgers and lamb koftas

Prawn skewers coated in spices and olive oil

Lucy enjoying the BBQ and the sun!

That's BBQ'd baby sweetcorn sticking from his gob!

Kelly eating and reading at the same time as usual!

And the sun sets on a beautiful day.

The food, as you can see, has remained light and healthy...the weather allowed us another few BBQs and we've had a busy, productive and tiring but lovely week.

10 comments: said...

Looks yummy!

Helen McGinn said...


obladi oblada said...

Looks really good! Those look like some happy kids too!

Unknown Mami said...

I love prawns sooo much. And cucumber! Now I want some. In the summer, I like to put lime on slices of cucumber with some chili powder. So deliciously refreshing.

Helen McGinn said...

Thanks obladi!

U.M. That sounds delicious. xx

LisaDay said...

I am saddened the kids are going back to school but at least it involved a great last day feast.


beagle said...

Sounds and looks like a wonderful evening!

Live Out Loud said...

I love that about Kelly - eating while reading as usual. Gotta love those books!

What a wonderful end-of-summer party and enjoying the weather and sun.

Mhel said...

Everything looks great! I always love your recipes!!

Helen McGinn said...

Thanks lovely peeps! xx