Sunday, January 3, 2010

Goodbye, Mr David Tennant, We Wish You Well!

Picture the scene:New Years Day
The time: 6:40pm
The programme: Dr Who
The kids: excited and expectant
The parents: times 10
The snacks: home made white loaf, jam, Parmesan, garlic and thyme hearthbread, pesto, Nudo lemon oil and sapa, roasted tomatoes and smoky bacon crisps!

We made it a picnic and snuggled under blankets together to watch the lovely Scottish man's last episode. Goodbye, Mr David Tennant; you will forever be a part of my wee 'un's childhood and for that I thank you. Adieu; we shall miss you.

The picnic....

Oh, gimme! Parmesan bread topped with lemon oil, roasted tomatoes and a drizzling of fresh pesto.

Nudo Lemon Oil with Nudo Sapa and Maldon sea salt, pesto and those roasted tomatoes.

I always feel we should have lashings of ginger beer when we have bread, butter and jam....

The presentation is obviously not the thing....

Nudo extra virgin olive oil with lemons and Traditional Italian Sapa...a welcome gift from my mum; just discovered and really lovely. I'm reading the book 'The Dolce Vita Diaries' about how this family business got started. More on this story later!


Judy Harper said...

I bet my daughter watched this! She loves Dr. Who and what's the spinoff? The one where the guy lives forever and they hunt down aliens. I like it too, I just can't remember!Speaking of jams, have you ever tried waffles with cream cheese and a dab of your favorite jelly? Mine's marmalade. For breakfast, this is fast and delicious! Works with pancakes as well. Happy New Year! As for my Harper site, some of the pictures are over 100 years old! You don't have any of you, your siblings and parents? Most of mine came from Aunts and cousins. The Harper side had more old pictures than my Mom's side. It's like her family started when they moved to Alabama and I know they were living in South Carolina in 1816. There's a bit of a scandal that happened in 1871, so I think they split and went separate ways. I enjoy looking at the past, trying to create scenes of what they were doing at such and such time. That's why I have a time frame of what happened during the decade. Do you do genealogy? My biggest regret is not being interested when my Dad was alive.

Protege said...

Ah, MY KIND of day! The food looks delicious and Dr. Who is my favorite show! As well as Torchwood; Jack is so handsome in his greatcoat.;)
Have a lovely Monday,

5thsister said...

He was an awesome Dr. Who! We'll miss him!

Little Ms Blogger said...

I never heard of Italian Sapa. What exactly is it?

I love reading your blog and learning about new foods and dishes I wouldn't have here in the States.

Little Monarch said...

my mouth is watering!

Little Monarch said...

my mouth is watering!

Janice said...

My goodness though he did take a long time to die! Don't remember any of the other docs making such a meal of it. Love DT though, look forward to seeing him in lots of other things now.

Catherine said...

Ooh, all that food looks delicious! That's what I would love to do one of these days- snuggle up with lots of blankets and snack!

Bunc said...

David Tenant was a great Dr Who. I feel sorry for the guy who has to follow him now - he has a hard act to follow.

Helen McGinn said...

Judy, that would be Torchwood! LOVE Cap'n Harkness....mmm mmmm. *L* I've never tried waffles with jam and cream cheese but I love it on bagels. Very tasty.

Protege, oh he is! In that coat too. Sigh.

5th sister, we sure will. But I'm looking forward to seeing him in other things now.

LMB, Sapa is made from grape must, boiled down for 24 hours and then aged in wooden barrels for a year. It's toffee-ish and smoky!

Little Monarch, so good it watered twice! ;O)

Janice, oh they were always going to spin that bit out; gave us a chance to say cheerio to all the characters because they won't be in it again now. Sad.

Catherine, such good fun...and since it is freezing outside, it makes it all the better.

bunc, Matt Smith I think he's called...he sure does. But I like the cut of his gib; I think he'll be pretty good.

Scotsman said...

I will miss David Tennant, he played the character like it should be played - like he was having fun.

I tried to get my step kids into the Dr Who Christmas special but they were too scared. For some reason the 6 year old loves watching the vampires and werewolves of Twilight and New Moon from behind her fingers but watching Dr Who was creeping her out. I think probably the absense of any muscles didn't help. Kids!

Helen McGinn said...

Scotsman, my kids freaked out at the weeping angel's episode whereas the "are YOU my mummy?" freaked me out more. The kids, sensing my weakness, hatched a plan. At around 4am, I awoke to a creeping sensation in my neck and could hear "mummmmmy....are YOU my mummy?". I tore my exhausted eyes open to find three wee children, all reciting this in unison.

Hmmm. Maybe I should ban Dr. Who. I still have palpitations thinking about it. ;O)