Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The squatters have moved in.

The amount of 'anonymous' piffle on my comments has grown exponentially since my hiatus.   Begone, evil anonymous pifflers, I'm back and you can just bog off with your 'buy adult chickens' and 'buy bizarre liquids'; what is an adult chicken anyway?   Aren't all chickens 'adult'?   Does anyone ever click on these links?   Have the anonymous computer generator peeps nothing more substantial to do with their time?

Aaaaand rant over.

How are you all?   How have you been?  I missed you.   I've been cooking, crafting and generally messing about, limiting my time to mimimum use of the computer.   I've still been shopping on a budget, as usual and cooking tasty meals...or so the kids tell me...even taking photos, knowing I'd be back one day....and looking after the family as always.

My life in food...and badges!    Recipes to follow...I'll be back on Thursday.   Have a wonderful week.

 Sweet and Spicy Goats Cheese and Prawn Salad

Roasted Scallops, Potatoes, Onions and Chorizo...sublime!

Slow Cooked Spicy Lamb Shanks

Chocolate Tart

A bit of a tart...and fruity to boot!

Kids' Fish, Potatoes and Cucumber...pretty tasty, kids!

Helen's New Badges and Gift Tags

Such fun to make and selling well!

Customised for Birthday Favours

Who for?   You guessed it....


Night Nurse


Sumandebray said...

The food looks delicious! They say that we need to involve all our senses to enjoy the food ... we could well not touch or smell these dishes but the visual treat DOES takes care of the rest....

Anonymous said...

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obladi oblada said...

Lol...you mean like that comment above? Im glad youre back.

ScottishPrincess said...

Love the food. I'd be grateful to feed me & husband for a week for fifty but it's never happened so far.

Helen McGinn said...

Sumandebray, thank you, what a lovely thing to say! :O)

obladi, yup, sooo many of them in the past month. That's what happens when you 'move out' for a bit, eh? Great to see you! xx

Hi Scottish Princess and welcome! xx

Jamie said...

So glad to see ya back. Those meals look fantastic.

Helen McGinn said...

Hi Jamie, thank you hon! x

AngieB said...

What a great teaser post! After those pics i can't wait for the recipes. I've had a HUGE increase in spammy Anonymous comments as well - so much that I finally had to change my settings an not allow them any more, which I just hated to do. i wonder what's up with that?

Jo Campbell said...

It does all look yummy - esp. the first one and I don't even like goats cheese. We're now trying to stick to a £50 a week budget - it does help resist all the "special offers" for stuff you don't really need.

Sam said...

You never fail to make me laugh! Gorgeous looking food as always.xx

Helen McGinn said...

I lost a follower since posting my squatter post...*L*
Sam, thank you hon!
Jo, too right, 'special offers' just mean more money! x
AngieB, someone has been sitting in their basement for too long methinks...;O)

Shelle said...

oh helen, i would die for an invite to your house for dinner lol....i have to make more of your recipes they look so good....the only thing is i would have to take up cooking....not a bad thing during winter...except maybe for the waistline.

i love love your tags...what are you making them out of....i made some for my scarves which were cute...but to be honest i didn't really know how to make them!

LisaDay said...

Yum. Chocolate. I am also being overrun by those comments. Sometimes I can't delete them either. Too, frustrating.


Anna said...

those are tooooo cute! you're so stinkin' talented, goodness!

Laura said...

Helen! You're back! Hooray!
I have missed you.
Where are you selling your tags and buttons? They look lovely!
As does your chicken pie and chocolate tart! and, well, everything as always.
I hope that you are enjoying the fall and look forward to getting back to some of your recipes once we are in our new home and I have a kitchen again!

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The food looks delicious! They say that we need to involve all our senses to enjoy the food

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