Thursday, August 6, 2009

Coffee Pots, Chips and Yoga Moves

I met a group of friends at the ski club for lunch of lentil soup and little else while the kids gorged on chocolate muffins. We wandered down to the local park, Eileen and I stopping off at her house to fill a tray with freshly brewed coffee, a pot of tea, chocolates, biscuits, juice, china mugs and sweets. We carried the tray to the park (right next door) along with a few chairs and sat sipping our drinks, soaking up the sun and watching the world go by.

The kids played away happily, entertaining themselves with footballs, swings and the occasional visit to 'Terabithia'. All was well until we started to talk about fish n' chips, Kember & Jones, sun-blushed tomatoes and food in general. I got so hungry I started imagining my arm was a leg of mutton and barely stopped myself chewing it right there and then.

I got home and immediately made a fritatta out of leftover spaghetti and an egg. It filled a wee spot somewhere at the bottom of my tummy but the hunger was still there. Having had my dinner, I was loathe to eat anything else, because, as you know, those pounds are shifting slowly enough anyway but I eventually decided to just have some chips and be done with it.

Brian rolled his eyes, picked up his car keys, took Kelly and brought home a bag of chips and a jar of pickled onions. The kids couldn't believe their luck, having also already had their tea and we all sat with tiny little bowls of vinegar soaked chippy chips, pickled onions and slices of bread.

I felt much better afterwards and realised that when the stodge need overtakes, you need to go with the flow and just not overdo it. I've done an hour of yoga to compensate.....I don't profess to think that there is anything other than a calorie deficit but I don't care. I enjoyed them, they enjoyed me and the yoga made me feel sublime.

Sometimes, all it takes to make you happy is a chip, a pickle and an asana or two!


The Vintage Kitten said...

Chippy Chips and a pickled onion YUM! X

Helen McGinn said...

VK, you're a girl after my own heart! x

confused homemaker said...

this post makes we want chips or fries as we call them on this side of the pond.

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite treats is cheese fries. Hot, greasy fries topped with melted cheese...not great for the diet but oh so yummy!