Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Girl, uninterrupted and cakes in pants

I can hardly contain my excitement; I'm travelling to Canada on Thursday and will meet up with old friends. It will be lovely to feel the sun on my face, something that has been lacking in Scotland this summer, and get the chance to actually read a book, have a lie in and drink wine uninterrupted.

I shall get the chance to miss my children and my husband and to stroll through shops without fear of reprisal. There will be no cries for the toilet or the sound of breaking glass. I will sit at cafes for however long I please with huge mugs of steaming coffee, watching the world go by. I know how lucky I am and that I shall miss them but sometimes....sometimes it's nice to get away for a while.

I have been baking up a storm, convinced that the world is a better place when surrounded by loaves, cakes and cookies. My bread is going from strength to strength and I baked two loaves of wholemeal and linseeds. I used half olive oil and half butter for the fat and used brown sugar instead of white. Brown bread requires sugar to activate the yeast (I think) but only a little...about a tablespoon for the whole batch.

I was so pleased with how it turned out that every mouthful was followed by an ooh or an aah or an invisible pat on the back. I'm not a modest cook (incase you hadn't noticed); if it's good it's good but I also know when it's not!
An old friend of mine, Craig...a pretty excellent baker himself, knows how I like all things food; talking about it, looking at pictures about it and of course, the eating of it. He sent me a few pics of his food p.o.r.n baked goods in pants for my amusement...and amuse me it did...I must share with you the cakes in all their glory; those of a sensitive disposition, look away now.


Anna said...

i'm addicted to delicious breads. i prefer them over meats anyday!

so much for a "no carb" diet. thats just crazy talk. bread is far tooooo tasty.

as you fly to canada & enjoy your time i will be sitting in classes, most likely listening to stories about everybody's vacations to "mexico" & "florida".

but my summer story will be the best. i spent 98.6% of my summer on the internet exploring the blog world.
-oh & my friend helen met the QUEEN AND HAS A TWIN.

yeah, beat that classmates.

Helen McGinn said...

*LOL* Yes, tell them I will come over and give a talk on my...ahem...experiences!

confused homemaker said...

Enjoy the trip, Canada is a lot of fun. And your bread is making me want to bake, while your friends *ehmm* food porn gave me a great laugh. That's funny stuff.

Gibby said...

Those breads look delicious and the "food porn" is hysterical! Have fun on your trip! I just spent the weekend away from my kids and it did me a world of good. Enjoy!

Little Ms Blogger said...

I want to make some homemade bread, but will wait till Fall when it is officially soup and stew season for me.

Today, I'm going to make Julia Child's chocolate mousse recipe. Although I don't consider myself a novice cook, I'm always intimidated by desserts...

Btw, I tagged you for a meme....I hope you play along.

beagle said...

Oh my goodness the bread looks AMAZING! YUM! Love the bread in undies, TO funny! :)

Have a wonderful trip!

Amy said...

The bread looks scrumptious. I agree the world is a better place with loaves, cakes and cookies but don't forget the pies. :)

I gave you a little something at my place. Hope you like it.

Dreamgirl said...

Yummy! Nothing like freshly baked bread! I really enjoyed the food porn too... don't get too much porn around here with the kids buzzing around!

Enjoy your fabulous trip to Canada! Hope it will be wonderfully relaxing and crazy fun!

See you around!

Laila Of Course! said...

hahahahah, I loveee that bread in underwear. Hilarious.

And yes, racism is way too prevalent. It makes me sick to my stomach. Honestly, when I heard the news I could barely sit still. :( Oh well.

Ginger said...

The holiday sounds DIVINE!
And so does the bread!

Thanks for the lovely message at de-comp. Actually, it made my day! Nothing to worry about; all is well. I'm overburdened by work at the moment, but will post again the second I'm allowed to come up for air.:)

Unknown Mami said...

Your baked goods are making me blush.