Friday, August 14, 2009

Thursday night's all right for drinking

Last night, my friend Karen had a few of us gals over for wine and snacks. I so wish I'd had my camera with me because my eyes bulged when she brought out this huge platter of antipasti, tomatoes, strawberries, grapes, cheese, pate, crackers and crudites as well as dips and crisps. Trying to hide my glee by actually letting someone else get to the platter before me, as my borderline mannerly mind dictates, I sat tap, tap, tapping my foot before practically shoving Anne out of the way as she hovered over the cheese. I tried to shield the platter from Shona but she stabbed me with a fork to get in. She didn't actually stab me with anything but I could tell she was thinking about it.

It was utterly delicious and perfect alongside my red wine and what with the great chat and company, I had a lovely night.

Anne had recently been on holiday and whilst perusing the goods for sale in a local farm shop, she came across a plaque, a plaque that she had no choice but to purchase for me. If I had seen it first, and it was a choice between eating that night and buying the plaque for her, I'd have still purchased the plaque because never has a truer plaque been seen:
She also got one for herself. And just to show how much blogging has pervaded my world, my first thought after laughing was 'Vintage Kitten' would love this. I love it. It has pride of place in my kitchen. Thank you Anne.

I shall be making bread today...bread and cake. Dinner will consist of bacon, egg and chips with homemade bread and butter, a classic if somewhat lazy British delicacy which we all get cravings for from time to time. Sometimes, it's sausages and occasionally, there are beans. Sometimes you also have to add a tomato, just to live a little, you know? I happen to be going out again tonight, two nights in a row not being my forte so I shall need comfort food, a day of light activity and an eye pack to disguise the night before. Wish me luck.


confused homemaker said...

That plaque just made my day. And that dinner sounds like good old comfort food, nothing wrong with that.

Anna said...

that plaque is hilarious!

it sounds like you have such lovely friends-- don't you just love food & good chit chat?
& dinner tonight=yum! if i lived anywhere close you might have had me stop by conveniently at dinner time! jk. : )

thanks for the sweet comments on my love posts. you are so right!


The Vintage Kitten said...

Sounds like my kind of night. I laughed out loud over your friends fork stabbing thought, even though she didnt know she was thinking it, or maybe she was???? Thats a fab plaque. I have got that image on one of my blog posts which I think was from a poster, but havnt got something in the house actually with it on, so if I pop round you may find me trying to hide it in my ample bosom, Eek better not or you may hit me with a spoon or something LOL! X

beagle said...

Ha! Love the plaque! Sounds like you had a nice night out, we all need those every now and then. :)

The Redhead Riter said...

Do you want to borrow my concealer for your dark under eye circles?

Helen McGinn said...

RR, no need, husband didn't come back in wasn't by choice and he was distraught for me but I was a wee bit sad. :O(

I'm ok today of course. :O)

Farmgirl Paints said...

You are my kind of cook. I love bread and cake. I think we would get along slendidly:) Those cupcakes on your sidebar look so amazing. I kind of have a thing for cupcakes!!

Unknown Mami said...

That plaque is fantastic! I had to show it to my husband.

Transparent Mama said...

I'm just wondering what you pack your eyes with. Oh, and also, if I can come over for some homemade bread and butter.

Helen McGinn said...

Farmgirl Paints, me too...I love cupcakes. Mmmm. :O)
U.M....isn't it? It's my new mantra.
Transparent Mama, depends on how bad it is...sometimes a cool pack, sometimes pureed cucumber but occasionally, cement. ;O) x