Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bleedin' moron

So, I rushed home, threw the shopping bags in the kitchen and pushed the kids out of the way to reach the computer because I had a post to publish, a very important post for the Loose Bloggers Consortium, who post every Friday at approximately the same time. I'm usually early or late, and was determined this week.

I just posted it and something just didn't feel right. I had a puzzled few moments when my 'DOH' moment struck; it's Thursday. Bleedin' moron.

Tonight, I'm making an antipasti plate and bread to take round to Karen's house. I shall probably not take a picture you know that I will, having showered you with pictures of these delicacies many, many times, as they are amongst my favourites.

I may however take a picture of the new hairdo; Fraser pouted, Lucy said it was lovely and Kelly said "Who are you and what have you done to my mummy?". You get the picture.

Thanks to my lovely bloggy friends who gave me awards, I'll be passing them on tomorrow.


Shelle said...

At least you were a day early. I posted a wordless wednesday on Thursday.

5thsister said...

My son hates it when I change my hair. So I try not to do anything too drastic. I'd love to see the new 'do!

I have nothing for tomorrow. At least yours is done!

Helen McGinn said...

Shelle, *LOL*...glad it isn't just me!

5thsister, it's totally drastic! He was freaked.

Beth said...

New hairdo pictures ...please!
Thanks for coming on over to my blog.


Cheerful Monk said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate it.

I loved the "Who are you and what have you done with my mummy?" Apparently dogs get the same way when their humans suddenly wear hats or parkas with hoods. :)

koralee said...

Thank you for visiting me...I really would love to see a photo of your antipasti of my favourite things to nibble on. Have a wonderful weekend.

Bunc said...

Hi Helen - Just paying a return visit after you popped over to see me at
Please pop over and and see me at the AyrshireBlogwhen you get time.

Mrs. Fish aka Two Fish said...

You were determined enough to be early love! HA HA Oh my cheeks hurt from laughing!

kys said...

If your hair looks that good, you must post a picture.