Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy St. Andrews Day, My Lovely Friends!!

Happy St. Andrews Day!

Ah, to take a breath without falling about in a wretched cacophony of coughing; to walk upstairs without collapsing at the top, legs stuck out over the last stair for the kids to find as they turn the corner towards me, they're shrieks of "MUMMY'S DEAD!!!" no longer ringing in my ear as I try to get up and tell them that I'm only really half dead....they'll still get their tea.

The big reveal is tomorrow. I shall put one toe, then another over my doorstep and venture into the big, bad, cold world to attend my yoga class. I think I understand, albeit slightly, what agoraphobics feel like; you get into a settled, uneasy routine at home and staying in makes you want to stay in and self fulfilling prophecies are born. In saying that, I can't wait to get out...I feel I'm escaping. The girls at yoga don't realise what a big treat tomorrow will be for me; there will be me, in a downdog, smiling like a crazy girl, whilst they look on, puzzled and grimacing, the same expression I usually wear.

Last Friday, approx. 10 days ago, just before I got ill, we had friends over for dinner. I made chicken with slightly spiced rice and a Mughlai cream sauce with toasted almonds. I served it with paratha. Beforehand, I'd put out some spicy onions and the lovely mango chutney dip I made at my party. These were served with pappadums and followed by onion bhajis.

For dessert, I made Nigella's Lemon Trifle Cake Thingy. My lemon cake was made in small tins and soaked with twice the amount of syrup as normal. A slice was plated and topped with raspberries, then topped with cream whipped with, amongst other things, Amaretto and lemon juice. Delightful.

Dessert without the cream as I was too greedy, once it was face!

The recipes will follow tomorrow as I have badges to sew onto a Cubs jumper and my sewing is like my singing voice.......

One of the drawings I was asked to do for Christmas gifts....just so you know I've not been entirely idle....


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Love your drawing!

Protege said...

Happy St. Andrew Day back to you.;) Thank you for making me aware of this day.;)
Your food pictures have done it again; they made me very hungry! And I am off soon to go home to very boring can food dinner.:P
I am glad you are feeling better and I have to agree wit the comment above, that drawing is simply adorable. Love it!

bluecottonmemory said...

I so wish I could draw like that! And sing! It's wonderful that there are others who can! Best of luck tomorrow!

5thsister said...

Hooray for St. Andrew!

And welcome back to the world of the living!

Anna said...

Happy St. Andrews day to you!
& so happy you are feeling better!!

guess what, my mom used to STAPLE my girl scout badges to my vest. i kid you not. STAPLE.
: )

ER said...

Happy St Andrew's Day to you too, sweetie! Glad to read you're on the mend. We're dropping like flies up here. Thank you for more yummies to drool over. Writer, chef, and now artist (i love that drawing)...there is nothing you can't do! Have you ever thought of writing and illustrating your own book(s)?

Silver said...

Good that you're feeling better. Imagine you were still able to dish out so many fantastic looking yummy food when you're still a little under the weather!


Unknown Mami said...

I love your drawings! I think you should have a giveaway of one. Or just give me one and save yourself the trouble of a giveaway. Is there anything you can't do?

Sumandebray said...

Great drawing, liekd it. Very lively....
and the food? its mouthwatering!!

Christine said...

Yum on the looks delish...almost healthy:)
And the drawing is so precious!! I love her eyes and the little heart on the string...beautiful!
I missed your holiday:( but glad that you are no longer on death's doorstep!! Stay well!

Helen McGinn said...

Aw, thanks Lee!

Zuzana, thank you, hon that is very kind. I bet you had something yummy for tea!

bluecottonmemory....I sooo wish I could sing....I sing a lot...badly! ;O)

5thsister, it is so good to be back in almost full swing! :O)

Anna, thank you hon, I LOVE your mum; why on earth did I not think of that? Fraser is like the Prince and the Pea; one feel of something 'not quite right' and he'd be like "what's WRONG with this jumper, mummy?". ;O)

ER...och, you're far too kind! I hope you're feeling a wee bit better? This flu is a killer this time round.

Silver, thank you, much better now. That meal was just before the illness-the rest of the week was an odd concoction of soups, leftovers and bread! Poor kids.... ;O)

Unknown Mami, oh, I have a special one for you, my lass..... And yeah, I was thinking of a giveaway, maybe for my 100th follower? But shh, I'll keep it secret, let it be a surprise... ;O)

Sumandebray, you're too kind! I'm sure by now you can tell that Indian food is one of my favourites, ever.

Christine, without the cream, it almost was; with the cream it was very naughty indeed! Thank you for your kind comments about the drawing. I hope the wee girl in question likes it.

Little Ms Blogger said...

Happy St. Andrew's Day - what's the tradition - day off? parades? total food fest day?

Great drawing.

It sounds as though you're on the mend. Don't overdue. Nothing worse than a relapse.

Janice said...

I'm glad to hear you are feeling better. Happy belated St Andrew's day to you.

lemonologie said...

Wonderful drawing! And that dessert looks delicious!

gaelikaa said...

You seem to be very good at cooking Indian food Helen; I must take some lessons from you!

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