Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Burnbrae and Biscuits

I found this quaint little establishment called The Burnbrae tonight; having never been there before and not one to partake of the alcoholic beverage, I tentatively entered, wondering what might be in store for me. Imagine my surprise to find the bar staff all seemed to know me, could even tell me apart from my twin sister, asked me where my husband was tonight and said "will it be the usual?". They must have me mixed up with someone else...a case of mistaken identity. Having gotten over my mild anger and astonishment at this ridiculous display, I found myself in the company of two lovely girls, Jo and Fiona. We chatted and partook (I made that word up...so sue me ;O)) of some ginger beer and lemonade and discussed the things that ladies discuss like the weather and SSSSSSSSSSSCCCCCCCCCCCCRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEECH............... enough of that nonsense, I met the gals at the pub tonight, we had a few bevvies, a great bit of chat and a blast. Nuff said.

Oh, the biscuits....I was peckish when I came in, threw the biccies across the room and instead had a few slices of parma ham wrapped around some olives. Pretty good, considering the scooby snack I felt coming on.


Unknown Mami said...

You made me laugh!

Jo said...

Thanks for joining us, enjoyed your company. Let's do it again soon but don't let me drink more than one of those pear ciders - too much gas!! (nuff said) Jx

Helen McGinn said...

Jo...*LOL*! Actually, they look delicious, I may have to try one next time.
I had a lovely time. Just send the words Burnbrae and beer next time and I'll be there. xx