Tuesday, July 7, 2009

You say Frittata...

I sat and listened to Fraser sing all of 'Hotel California' by the Eagles whilst in the car this morning. He then sang a Santana number, a partridge in a pear tree with sisters as backing singers and then they all launched into Beyonce's 'Single Ladies'. Now that's what you call eclectic tastes.

We picked up a hitchhiker (Lucy and Fraser's friend) and headed towards The Burrell, a huge museum built by Glasgow District Council to house the collection gifted to Glasgow in 1944 by Sir William Burrell and his wife, Lady Constance Burrell. It's a pretty impressive place.

I love it not just because of the works of art on display and not just because it is housed in the beautiful Pollock Country Park but because every school holiday, they put on so many fun, silly and educational events for the kids which are free and really enjoyable to all ages. They also have a great play park with trampolines, flying fox and all the rest of the stuff kids manage to entangle themselves on.

So after weaving, the Burrell activity of the morning, playing in the park, lunch and ice cream, we headed home to x-boxes, films and books (them), cleaning, cooking and surfing (me). I had pre-cooked the potatoes for the Frittata which I'd decided on tonight when Kelly came wandering through asking what was for tea...
"Frittata" I said, waiting for her face to light up. It didn't.
"Um..oh" she said with a face like a burst balloon.
"You like Frittata" I pointed out, in a manner which left "or else!" unspoken.
"I DO like Frittata mum" she replied "But...um...could we have...um...something PROPER to eat?"
*stare back*
(Kelly starting to panic a little) "It's just that that's not very much and I'd like more food than that".
"What would you like WITH THE FRITTATA?" I said.
"Tuna Mayonnaise?" she asks.

So the kids had a rather strange meal of Frittata and Tuna Mayonnaise and a little salad. Brian is training tonight (kicking lumps out of someone) so he had the leftover pasta. I like leftovers being used. I looked in the fridge and two chops, bbq sauce and a use by date were all looking up at me. "Ok" I sighed..."...if you insist" and decided to 'use up' the remaining chops. I too took a reasonably bizarre route and had them with Frittata (of course...if I'd had a dog, it too would be eating Frittata) and a little salad and yoghurt. It was lovely.

We made a very quick sponge cake, iced it blue and called him Bob.
Bob (or Blob)the Sleepwalking Dude. No idea why but hey, kids are crazy.
The kids decorated it once I'd iced it blue. It looked deranged.

We killed Bob and had him for dessert.


Little Ms Blogger said...

OMG... Bob is a riot!

I've recently discovered the frittata and absolutely believe it to be a proper meal (I hope so since I've served it twice for dinner and once to guests).

Helen McGinn said...

Thank you! It IS a proper meal; about a pound of potatoes and 8 eggs worth. Usually, she is happy with such fair but I think some bread and cheese the next few days will be best..getting too food spoiled! ;O) x

Scottish Lass said...

Hey there,
I'm putting a link yo your blog on mine - maybe you'll get some new readers.

The Vintage Kitten said...

Ooh I like frittata, not sure with Tuna though LOL! I agree Bob looks abit deranged but delicious at the same time. Our electrics in the village went off at 6.30am and they dont think they will get it back on until 7pm. We were going to have beef and yorkshires but I think we will be having crisp instead X

The Vintage Kitten said...

I meant CRISPS X

tommy said...

very cool. I dont know that i've ever had fritatta or any version of it really...and is it wrong that when I read your blogs I read with a scottish accent? Beautiful children.

Helen McGinn said...

Thank you Scottish Lass! x
Vintage Kitty...aww...that's a bit of a jump, from Roasties to Crispies. Hope it's back on now!
tommy...so, so right! And thank you. :O) x

Teresha and Damon said...

There is a really funny episode of Fraiser (the American TV show) about a breakfast fritatta. Your post reminds me of that. The Sponge Bob cake also looks yummy!

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