Friday, July 10, 2009

That Friday Feeling

Thursday Night's Dinner

Yesterday, after a busy day walking, hiking and playing with the kids at Mugdock Country Park, I just about managed to make a quick Macaroni Cheese for them and a small antipasti for myself. Brian helped with the cheese sauce and would like me to ensure this is pointed out (it was lumpy). *Snigger* The plan was to have St. Tropez Chicken but I was limited for time as I was heading out for some fizzy with Lynne. I had marinaded the chicken for two days though so decided to cook it and have it for tonight's dinner instead. I said to husband "ALL you have to do is remove the foil at 8.45pm and turn the heat up a bit. Leave it for 15 minutes, no longer as the honey in the marinade may catch and burn". I said this twice. I left the recipe book open, just incase.

I returned home, ever so slightly inebriated to the smell of burnt chicken; I had a very contrite husband, a blackened oven and missing chicken bits. He'd forgotten all about it and it had smouldered into a blackened least I think it did, he'd got rid of all the evidence. Come to think of it, it did look a rather tasty dish, he wouldn't have just eaten it....nah....

So, tonight, instead of St. Tropez chicken marinaded in pink champagne and lavender, I had this:

Nothing wrong with toast and beans....

I walked with the kids down to the swimming pool this morning and somehow, this took three blisters and an hour and a half of slow shuffling. By the time we got there, their friends were leaving the pool and a few wet eyes and petted lips later, we left to go on our picnic. Another walk, another blister (my own fault for wearing high heeled wedges...eejit) and the sun was hot. I checked my bag for my phone and it was then I discovered I'd left most of my picnic behind; frittata with chorizo, mini quiches, ciabatta sandwiches, rocket salad and a whole host of other delights were left sitting on the kitchen counter...but hey, I'd brought the Doritos.....*sigh*

We stopped off at 'Joe's' and purchased some more food and arrived at Anne's, knackered, sore and in need of caffeine which she very nicely provided. I explained the story of my food calamity and Anne said not to worry because she had prepared a wonderful variety of picnic delights; pastry quiches, homemade sausage roll twists, little sweet peppers filled with cream cheese...I'm dreaming off those tonight...and tasty cous cous to name but a few. Apparently, my blog has inspired she must have felt when I turned up with a plastic bag filled with crappy rolls, I do not know. It was truly wonderful fayre as was sitting on the deck chairs Karen brought, in the sun, looking at the lovely view and chilling out.

Fraser was returned home safely as we decided he could go play with his friends as it was a crowd of girls we were picnic-ing with and the only energy I had left was to place the following in the oven:

Yup. Pizza.

This weekend I am off to T in the Park, a huge music festival in Scotland. I will, of course, report back on the food. And maybe the music....

Antipasti tomatoes baked in the oven with olive oil, parmesan, sea salt and black pepper. Olives marinaded at home with olive oil, lemon rind, lemon juice, parmesan, fresh thyme and black pepper with sea salt. St. Tropez recipe to follow once I've re-cooked it and tried it first!


The Vintage Kitten said...

All that food sounds delicious. St Tropez chicken? Ive never heard of that, I cant get the image of two chicken fillets under a sun lamp out of my head LOL! X

Helen McGinn said...

*LOL*! Well, that is certainly what happened in this case; sunburnt chicken drinking pink champagne! x

Single Mama NYC said...

I want to be a St. Tropez chicken! Ok, maybe not the chicken part . . . Lol.

Wanted to tell you that I've been calling that freeloading interloper a wee sleekit cowrin beastie, and it feels great rolling off of my tongue! Now, if only I could get the accent to go with it down pat! ;-)

SILVER said...

yum, pizza!

i have an award waiting for you at my place. Mind coming over to pick it up?