Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Forgive me, bloggers, for I have sinned, it's been five days since my last blog post and I have little or no excuse except that it was a holiday weekend and when not cooking, painting, cleaning, hanging out with the kids or exercising ha! when I say exercising, I mean the contemplation of starting a new routine, donning the gear and looking at the size of my butt in the mirror; I'm gonna stand at the back of my yoga class from now on, I was drawing, yoga-ing and shopping.

Kelly's Room, almost complete. She asked for a dove in that painting!

We're getting there....


I had a lovely, spur of the moment drink in the Burnbrae on Thursday night with Anne and we put the world to rights. Friday was spent Ikea shopping for kids stuff, coorying in with the little 'uns, playing games and doing more cleaning, sorting and painting in the children's bedrooms. I made no plans for the evening as I had a yoga session booked in, courtesy of Jo, at the Chi Yoga Centre in Glasgow as Manju Jois the son of Sri Krishna Pattabhi Jois, who sadly died this year, both world renowned ashtanga teachers was in Glasgow, teaching. It was excellent.

Saturday evening, we donned a dress or two check out my new dodgy hairdo and headed to Lyn's for Chinese food, home cooked by her husband Ken and some beverages or two of the alcoholic kind. It was a lovely evening although my thinking was, that as it was so close, we could all just walk home at midnight; not my finest hour or the best laid plan. Two out of the three children were fast asleep when we decided to go and carrying them, although an option to be considered as a last resort, didn't bode well with four inch heels. They clung to me, walking like the waking dead and collapsed into their beds in wee heaps. I've learnt that particular lesson.

We took Kelly's friend Ellie with us on Sunday to meet up with Ann and Eric and Ruiradh for bowling and a late lunch. Cooking was certainly attempted over the weekend but for some reason, my memory is vague. I did bake some lovely bread on Monday, alongside cinnamon buns. I used my hearthbread recipe but changed the toppings; I made two large rectangle bread sheets and cut a line in the middle of each. One hearthbread was drizzled with olive oil and sea salt with one half sprinkled with Parmesan and a little basil. The other hearthbread was topped with a mixture of baked garlic see hearthbread recipe, blended with rosemary, salt and olive oil. One half was dotted with cherry tomatoes.

We had the breads with chicken, egg salad, pickles, sauteed potatoes baked with cheese and a little butter. I think we sat at the table for at least two hours, eating, chatting and getting our faces stuck into the lovely cinnamon, iced buns, Kelly's, of course, laced with Nutella.

I had a dodgy hair experience on Saturday; it was actually a nice place, very friendly, lots of mugs of steaming coffee and tea and a wonderful head massage alongside a shower but that's just typical wee lassie hair washing experience but the resulting damage was not. The muted lighting of the place made my hair look like Jennifer Anniston's and, despite being severely overcharged don't get it, this always seems to happen to me, even if I object...don't think I look like the rich sort...I was happy with the do but once into the light, the donning of glasses by my family waiting in the car and the sniggering of those that passed me by made me realise that, in actual fact, I looked more like I'd been painting with a nice magnolia and dropped the paintbrush on my head. So tonight, I shall be colouring it myself. A very expensive mistake.

The next few weeks, I shall be focusing on some low fat but still tasty dinners on a budget. I have 14 pounds who would like to leave me for pastures new and, never being one to stand in the way of progress or adventure, I've accepted the need for those pounds to leave and at least they've given me some notice. I shall spend however long it takes four weeks would be nice, however, since that is a ridiculous goal and with my penchant for baked goods, curries and stews, it's doubtful really,therefore I'd be happy if it took 10 weeks and, not being one to diet, it will have to be by cutting down a little, changing some meals to low fat and plenty of exercise. Tasty and low fat? Watch this space.


Anna said...

i love kelly's room!! the circle mirror is simply divine. i must say that the breads you made look absolutely scrumptious. i am addicted to bread, noodles, anything with carbs i suppose! i made some nutella croissants this weekend, i figured you would be proud! OH! and i made some peanut butter cookies, although from a bag of bought mix, they were yummy!
Have a lovely week & send hello's to all!

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

breeeeeaaaaaad... BREEEAAAADDDDDD!!! (sing to the tune of braiiinnnns, BRAIIINS - like a zombie!) OK, that probably didn't make a whole lot of sense - I was just trying to convey my love for all things bread and your pictures made me drool.

Hope you're having a good week! (visiting from SITS)

- Margaret

Unknown Mami said...

Well that's one good looking family. From the photo I can't tell that your hair looks anything other than lovely.

Now quit drinkin' and keep up with your blogging duties. You are missed when you're absent.

Anonymous said...

Your Daughters Room looks Great. Luv It!!
You have a *Beautiful* Family Amiga, and your cooking looks Delicious. Yummy!

*Thanx for the comment*
LMAO!! With your boot story. :0)

~Amor, Familia Y Cultura~

Peanut-Butter Kitty said...

Yummy!! Your breads look so gooooood. I've seen a few different blogs that refer to Nutella in recipes, I going to buy some and try it.

Katrina said...

Kelly's room is cute and I love the circle mirror. The foods look very yummy, makes me want to go straight to the kitchen and start cooking...lol. Sweet family pic too.

Angela said...

Cute room! I could have eaten all that tasty bread right out of the screen!!! :)

Adrian's Crazy Life said...

What a great positive way to look at weight loss - "I have 14 pounds who would like to leave me for pastures new and, never being one to stand in the way of progress or adventure, I've accepted the need for those pounds to leave and at least they've given me some notice." Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

Single Mama NYC said...

Wait, tasty AND low fat? Is that possible? Whoo hoo! And here it was I thought tasty only existed in the bacon, extra cheese pizza, Haagen Dazs variety. I can't wait to see what you've got. Maybe I'll actually lose some of this tubby belly I have in the process of eating your recipes. Whoo hoo again!!!

Transparent Mama said...

Love the hairdo and the hearthbread. You are lovely in that dress.

Protege said...

Ah, what a post, this reminds me of when I was a child and the moments I spend with my family around a dinner table, eating great food and talking...

However, we never had feasts like these! Look at all the *art* in food.;)) Now I am hungry.;))
Great pictures, made me happy.


The Vintage Kitten said...

Ooh I would be in a carb frenzy at all your lovely food! I used to eat mash potato sandwiches! (Oops, did I say that out loud?) Love the bed canopy and the mirror X

Little Ms Blogger said...

Looking forward to the low fat tasty meals. I just picked out my next month of low-fat recipes (cookbook experiment) from 5 different books.

If I find something tasty, I'll pass it along.

Btw, you've were definitely busy the past 5 days and can understand why you went AWOL.

Helen McGinn said...

Peanut-Butter kitty aka Nutella kitty, after you have some! x