Wednesday, September 30, 2009

October Menu

In getting down with the weight loss groove, I've picked meals for the next two weeks which are as friendly as I can make them without crying myself to sleep every night; some meals are low in fat, some will be served without the usual accompaniments or without the use of butter, some will simply be small in quantity as well as, on the whole, suitable for all the family. The proof of course is in the pudding who said pudding?!, that's just rude, considering so we shall see if weight loss, a la Helen works. Without further ado, the menu of choice:

Pan-fried salmon with sesame seeds and a Chinese style dressing, lightly crushed baby potatoes and stir fried vegetables. Salmon fishcakes for the little 'uns and broccoli for all.

Beef olives stuffed with savoury rice and served with roasted root vegetables with thyme.
Extra mash for the kids.

Free-range chicken roulade stuffed with savoury onion and mushroom and boiled rice.

Wiltshire ham served with poached eggs and sweet potato/potato oven wedges.

Honey roast salmon salad topped with linseeds.

Lahmacun (using leftover minced lamb sauce from freezer) and homemade bread.

Vegetable curry, boiled rice and raita (with puffy bread for kids).

Spaghetti with homemade tomato sauce, Parmesan and basil.
Carbonara for kids and Brian.

Tomato, garlic and thyme hearthbread with Italian meats & baked tomatoes.

Honey roast salmon, stir fried with peppers, onions and rice (me).
Macaroni cheese (them...!).

Fritatta with salad.

Baked Potatoes, tuna mayo, cheese, salad.

Chicken stew with whole new baby potatoes

Omelette with cous cous and green salad

Cinnamon buns (The only breakfast treat I shall have and since the last batch were frozen, I will have one per week as a treat with toast the rest of the time)
Toast with Jam/Marmalade
French Toast
Nutella Bread

Homemade bread
Italian Meats

Kelly's birthday is this weekend so there will be cakes and party food and I will allow myself a sliver only. The shopping bill this week came to £88.22 so £44.11 per week. This leaves just under £12 for sundries. The party food is separate to this; I always allow an extra budget for these although some items already appear on this shopping list, e.g. bread, chicken, cucumber and crisps. The extra food will be no more than £10.

There are some items which should never be scrimped on, in my opinion, meat and coffee being two of them. As you can see from the receipt above, I saved £1.35 on the coffee. I bought my favourite brand 'illy' and a strong, fairtrade packet to try. I also purchased three cartons of Tropicana orange juice, breadsticks because the kids like them, they last for ages and they were on sale, some store cupboard items like stock cubes, handwash, wine on sale to take to Anne's on Thursday night; let's face it, I'd have paid full price for it but hey, who am I to argue with a cheaper price.

Lucy and I went to see 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs' at the cinema after school. We shared a bag of cinema popcorn bought from Asda of didn't think I'd pay full price didcha? and then went to the restuarant on the boat afterwards for good old fish and chips. Yes, I know I'm looking to say au revoir to 14 pounds but this had been planned and, although it sounds like an excuse, I start tomorrow. I heartily enjoyed my half of salt and vinegar drenched, bone achingly good fish and chips with ne'ery a scowl. The pickled onions were good too. T'was lovely and all the more so for knowing it was a treat. We sat outside as the sun, incredibly, was shining and drank it down with a gallon or in reality, the tiniest, totiest, weeist can of diet coke you ever did see.


Transparent Mama said...

I want all those salmon recipes and what in the world in a beef olive?

Mr. T saying "FLINTLOCKWOOD" was my favorite part of the movie.

Little Ms Blogger said...

What is beef olives and tuna mayo? The only olives I get are very small and to stuff them is impossible.

Helen McGinn said...

Sorry gals, I should have explained; a beef olive is a thin slice of really good beef, usually (traditionally) stuffed with sausage meat, browned then braised in gravy. I won't be using sausage meat what with the weight loss n'all but it's still a beef olive; I promise to post pictures once I've cooked them. :O)

Flory said...

Thanks for explaining about the beef olive. The menu sounds delicious, and from the pictures, looks like you're an awesome cook. :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

ModernMom said...

I admire that you are so so organized. If I get three meals planned in a row I feel like Mother/Wife of the year. Must do better:)

Unknown Mami said...

Now I want fish and chips. Oh, they can be so good.

Mrs. Fish aka Two Fish said...

You are amazing!!! Can you come here and help me with that!

BTW I have an award for you too!

Protege said...

This is such a great post for me, to get an inside into the food consumption and planning of a big family.;))
Living on my own, cooking holds very little pleasure (although I LOVE to eat) and so I often use cans and frozen food only. I like to bake, and at times I do that on the weekends.;)
I believe I would truly enjoy to a be guest at your dinner table.;))

Single Mama NYC said...

You are AMAZING! I can never think of anything to make other than sauteed chicken breast and mashed sweet potatoes. Can you please tell me where you get these meal ideas from? And can you please, please, pretty please come over to my place with some leftovers? :-D

Anonymous said...

"Happy Birthday Kelly"

Good Luck on your Weight Loss "A La Helen". :0)

~Amor, Familia Y Cultura~

Anonymous said...

You've got some nice menu ideas there - I can see I'll be hanging out around here more often for inspiration on evening nosh. :)

BJ_Mama said...

WOW! Like a Restaurant Menu! WHat a lucky family you have!

Anonymous said...

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