Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gobby Wordless Wednesday

For those of you wondering what gobby means, it's a description of someone with a big mouth yes, me, go on, say were thinking it... (or gob) who can't refrain from talking, even if they happen to be participating in...oh, I don't know...a wordless day? I accept that title. I have snippets of information, messages to give, certain bits of information to relay so I have no choice but to make this Wordless Wednesday, only partial.

Anyone any idea why I can't see my list of followers? I also can't see anyone elses so therefore can't join any new blogs. Tis a tad frustratin'.

Vintage Kitty, we miss you. Please come back to blogland. Vintage had a wonderful blog full of vintage stuff oddly enough, witty quips and delightful repartee. Unfortunately, she got stalked by an evil troll and decided it just wasn't worth it. How sad do you have to be to actually come online, read a lovely blog and start spewing evilness. Blogland is a sadder place without Ms. Kitty and I hope she shall return one day.

A few of my delightful friends across the globe received their little Scottish goodies the other day there was a saga but it's too boring to go into. There were 8 sent out altogether so I'm hopeful that the rest of 'em have made their way safely since two have so far reached American shores, so let me know if you are one of the recipients!

The lovely Anna from the beautiful blog 'little reminders of love' had engaged me in a conversation about the Queen sometime ago. I told her I'd been to Buckingham Palace and had met her; we engaged in a chat along the lines of:
"No way"...
You can tell we have a high combined intelligence, can't you? So, this Gobby Worldess Wednesday sets out to show my day at the palace.

Arrival at the Palace

We had a picnic to begin with, served with champagne

My twin sis; a journalist gave us the hats I think; we were in the newspaper

Performers kept us entertained

The Queens Concerts: Party at the Palace

Tom Jones

A couple of swells

The Corrs

Rod Stewart

Annie Lennox; Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton etc.were also performing; so many singers and bands were there

Even Baby Spice...

The staff, watching quietly from the gardens below

The Royal family on stage

Ozzy got a rousing welcome

All the performers come on together

The palace from the back gardens at night

The Fireworks at the end were incredible


gaelikaa said...

Well! Speechless I am!

Nikki said...

stopping by from SITS to say hi! beautiful pics!! wow the castle is really gorgeous:)

ps i'm having the same problem re: the followers thing, I've heard its just a glitch and will fix itself.

confused homemaker said...

Wow, that is an event & the pictures are fab. And the hats are so fashionable:p

latinmomof4punks said...

Wow!! Great pix of your visit to the Palace. *LUCKY* :0)

~Amor, Familia Y Cultura~

Sumandebray said...

There is a wordless day! How interesting.
I am having the same poblem with the followers.. it seems they have invented invisible ink for computers!
The Queen show muct have been great fun.
Thanks for visiting my blog and do comeback again.

Unknown Mami said...

I think the followers thing is happening to a bunch of people. Hopefully, it will resolve itself.

Have you tried following a blog from the Blogger Nav bar next to the search box?

L. said...

No way! Really? You met the Queen? No way! Really?
If you already blogged about it, could you post a link?
If not, could you?
I mean, really, you met her? Wowee Zowee!

p.s. Do you get American "Dancing With the Stars" there? Seeing Ozzy & Sharon watching Kelly dance, and watching them weeping afterward, oh it was so lovely!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Fabulous pictures!!

I got your lovely gift in the mail today!!!! Thank you so much! I will be blogging about it tomorrow. You are such a Sweetie!!!

Housewife Savant said...

I got my treasure and I love it!
What an ordeal for you.

Love the pix.

Brooke said...

*extends a hand* Quite nice to meet you.. I must say I'm a wee bit jealous of all the fun you got to have... Plus such fashionable headgear.. Sorry to hear about VintageKitty tis a shame when that happens..

Protege said...

Lovely pictures, seems like a great event.;)
Not to worry about the followers list; it seems to disappear from time to time. But it comes back eventually.;)
Thank you for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment at my place.;)) xo

Megan said...

{I can see your followers list, fwiw}

That's so awesome!! What fantabulous pictures and what an amazing concert!! So many great singers!!

Thanks for visiting me on my SITS day!! =)

Anna said...

i love this. LOVEEEEEE this!!

Little Ms Blogger said...

I've seen Annie Lennox and Tom Jones in concert - would love to see The Corrs...

Gobby - never heard the term thanks for educating me.

Beth said...

Look like a fun time!! Great pictures.


Beth said...

Sorry.... I meant.... looks like. :0