Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Comment Box

Thanks for the emails, girls. Anyone can now leave a comment as I've edited it for use by everyone.
!Thanks for the feedback!


Jo said...

Are you Glasgow's very own Domestic godess?

Helen McGinn said...

Glasgow's very own Domestic, full stop! ;O)

Anonymous said...


~ A ~ said...

The lemon cake was diving, darling, thankyou.
~ A ~


Hi Helen
Thanks for taking a peek at my new Blog, and for your kind comments. I just had to take a look at your Blog, and you have reminded me that there ARE other things besides papercrafting!! I am sometimes so immersed in my little craft world that I neglect things such as cooking, cleaning, ironing etc. I am now feeling pretty ashamed of myself, so when we have friends round for dinner next weekend, I promise I will cook the meal instead of letting my OH cook it (er, well, the sweet anyway - I'm quite good with a lemon cheesecake). Your mouth-watering Blog is wonderful. Keep up the good work! Very best wishes, Sylvia xxxx

Anonymous said...

LOVE the pasta sauce, honey. X0X

andrea chiu said...

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