Friday, May 29, 2009

Weekly Receipt

Oh, how glorious the weather is! This being Scotland, don't be surprised, if you visit from abroad, to find people running round in circles with their hands in the air, yelling with delight, bumping into each other with a pack of ice lollied children with bright red cheeks trailing behind them. We do love the sun. We love the rain too, but like any visitor that comes 5 times a day, you start to weary. We shall drop the kids at their disco, sun ourselves at the Burnbrae and bring in the weekend with...a gin and slimline tonic, just the one.

I did my shopping in this lovely heat in record time because, well, the sun was shining and I wanted to get out in it and it was also nearing 3pm so I had to get the kids from school. We just spent a pleasant hour in the park but husband volunteered to take the shopping home-those prawns aren't cheap, y'know!

I'm smug. The bill, once again, was under £50 (£48.12) and that was with 2 free range chickens, 3 salmon fillets, fresh haddock fillets, tiger prawns and sausages. I also managed to refill the baking cupboard. Go, Helen...Go, Helen.....

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