Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm tired, so tired...

I'm tired, so dinner has been limited today to freezer stock. It's all good freezer stock but freezer stock nonetheless.

Supper was the same; it was toast with whatever topping the children desired (banana, jam and nutella...not all together, I should point out), made by dad as mummy collapsed in a heap before starting another round of chores. Such is the life of a mum.

Tomorrow, it shall be mince and tatties, like it or lump it. Of course, there are no lumps in my mince and tatties so we all love it fine!


klynch said...

i know what you mean I would love to find some quick easy meals that ae good for my little family but alas I get home so late I hardly have time to sit with my children and cuddle them!!

Helen McGinn said...

Stick with me, k, I have plenty, particularly those ones that you can have at a moment's notice! ;O) xx