Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I feel like chicken tonight...

Two of the three children were ill today. I blanketed them into the sofa, made them french toast and fed them fruit, orange juice and lots and lots of water. By 3pm, they were feeling a bit better so I picked Lucy up from school and took her to Mairi's house for a splash about the paddling pool for her and a jug full of coffee for me.

I was feeling restless after missing the active day I had planned of yoga, walking and swimming (sorry Ann!) so after taking Lucy to her swimming lesson, I had a brief walk about the area.

Kelly was out with Fraser and dad for some food as she was feeling a bit better so I left Fraser to finish eating and took Kelly for a stroll through the walkway which used to be a very old wood and now is only a tiny patch of woodland, just by the Allander Sports Centre and the old bus station. We heard a rustling in the bushes and a baby deer came bounding out, froze and then quickly turned away, leaping over the stumps and occasional crisp packet! We felt honoured.

Brian and Fraser came and picked us all up and we went home to soup and fruit. I put two chickens in the oven to roast, one rubbed with ginger with a few slices of the fragrant stuff stuck inside the cavity, the other with the usual halved lemon and salt. I rubbed some butter over the lemon chicken and drizzled over some olive oil then sprinkled on some salt to make the skin extra crispy...that's Lucy's favourite part.

On the Ginger chicken, I rubbed the smallest amount of butter...a smear, shall we say...over the bird and then drizzled a few drops of sesame oil. I roasted them in the oven for 2 hours at 220 degrees Celsius. When there were 30 minutes remaining, I added in the half of the sweet potato I had left from yesterday, cut into chunks just as I would for roast potatoes.

Once ready, I covered the birds with foil and left to rest...meat should always be left to rest, it stays hot for at least 30 minutes and the flavours intensify...and then sliced the lemon chicken for the kids to have for supper. They kept asking for more and more, it was so lemony and tasty with a tiny hint of ginger from the other bird.

I had the ginger chicken without the skin and with the sweet roast potato..how wonderful these were, with the golden, sticky sauce from the chicken clinging to them making them sweet and salty with a tiny bit of a crunch and then the soft centre. I served this for myself only as Brian is dancing on the dojo (and beering at the Burnbrae) and added some steamed broccoli. I highly recommend this simple, tasty dish and no sauce or melted butter was required as I spooned over a teaspoon of the delicious liquid from the chicken pan....a meld of lemon, salt and ginger. I'm a happy mum tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Helen I am going to make the ginger chicken tonite. I love ginger.