Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's HOT!

I've no idea of how hot but man, it's hot. It is amazing for us poor, sun deprived Scots...the past few years we've had a great spring and a miserable summer. I love a warm spring but the kids suffer during the holidays when they should be outside, climbing trees, swimming in lochs and generally making a nuisance of themselves.

It looks like the weather has been turned on it's head. You may wonder why us British folk go on about the weather all the time - it's because it is so incredibly unreliable and we spent a good part of our day planning ahead; on Sunday I went for a 6 mile walk in the rain. I had an umbrella, boots and a rainjacket. Half way round, I had to pull a pair of sandals out of my humungous bag and stuff it with boots, rainjacket and jumper. What a kafuffle. But such is life, particularly in Scotland.

What I love about the sun is the food we serve up. It's fresh, uncomplicated and healthy; salads, cold meats, antipasti, cold pasta, smoked fish, fresh fruit, crunchy vegetables, cous cous, rice, dressings and mild, creamy cheese. Freshly squeezed juices, smoothies, ice lollies. Ice cream. Frozen yoghurt.

So, tonight, we had my older sis come to visit with little baby M and she fancied some antipasti! Woohoo. Yup, two nights in a row which was a great treat.

The kids had baguette with chicken, a bowl of cucumber and apple slices, cheese, pickled onions and some cold, cooked, baby boiled potatoes. They will be having some tuna mayonnaise and cucumber sandwiches for supper whilst I sit outside with a glass of white wine, the remainder of the Camembert on some Ryvita Crispbread and The Sunday Times supplements which I haven't yet had a chance to read.


Debora Dennis said...

Found you from SITs! I'm so envious that it's hot by you - we've been having nothing but rain and unusually chilly temps for months now. Where is my summer already?

I love the colors of your blog and your family is adorable. I've bookmarked you! :)

NYC Mama said...

I love the ideas you give me to feed my little guy. I'm so pathetically clueless when it comes to meal ideas. I was a single woman for too long -- way too many nights out with the girls in fabulous New York City restaurants. Now I haven't the foggiest idea most days what to cook! :-(

Helen McGinn said...

NYC...oh, how I long for fabulous New York City restaurants...*sigh* :O)