Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mortification and Unfrozen Freezers

So, I'm sitting on the computer, trying to blog get a little work done whilst the kids are having their baths. There is a lot of carry on coming from their general direction and I'm getting mad because yesterday, the bathroom was practically flooded and I had to clean it, wash 3 1000 towels and confiscate a water gun. I'd already got a little crazy annoyed at the space hopper ending up in the bath and the bang, bang, banging was the last straw. So, rather than deal with it like a normal, rational person, I screamed up the stairs “STOP THAT AWFUL BANGING NOOOOOWWW!”. This was after I'd sent Kelly up to tell them to stop. The banging stopped immediately. How wonderful but highly unusual, I thought to myself. Maybe shouting does have a place after all.

Well, within seconds, Kelly came down to tell me nonchalantly that there was no banging going on upstairs and in fact, she thought it was coming from outside. I sat, suspended in a slow forming heat and mortification: it wasn't my children banging away like hooligans but in fact, my lovely next door neighbour doing a few home improvements. I sat for an age, wondering what on earth I should do when the quietest little tapping came at me from the ceiling once again...or as I'd figured out by this time, the wall. I rushed to the conservatory to see if I could catch my neighbour to apologise but he wasn't there. All there was left was the last few, quiet, apologetic taps ringing in my ear, the taps of a man horrified to hear his neighbour scream at him like a banshee and probably embarrassed that his banging had caused so much offence.

I feel terrible. And I'm the colour of a pink...thing. So, yes, my neighbour thinks I'm a freak and will no doubt avoid me from now on. My husband thinks it is all hilarious of course and wants to explain, just so they can laugh about it. Sigh.

The day can only get better, right? Wrong. I noticed a smell eminating from the general direction of the fridge. I'm not good with smells, I don't like them and I'm scared to find out where they are coming from. I thought I should investigate though as it was the fridge after all. But no, all seemed ok though the smell didn't waver.

After a few hours, I determined that a further, deeper investigation was required so I opened the freezer to have ice lollies, prawns, pies and lasagna's droop, seep and laugh at me. Yup, the freezer was, not working.

You know when you are tired, you're feeling a bit under the weather, a bit cold even and you discover your freezer has defrosted £100s worth of food? Do you know that feeling? It isn't good is it? Bah. I opened both fridge and freezer, emptied them, saved what I could and binned the rest, shedding a little tear as they went to an early grave. At this point my husband intervened, cleaned up the mess, cleaned the fridge and freezer including the containers (even if he did do them in the bath...!!!) and left them all out to dry. Thank you, husband. We're turning it back on today....the freezer....and hopefully, fingers crossed because I'm not going shopping for a new bleedin' fridge freezer! Unless I really, really have to.

Food tonight? Who knows.


Debbie said...

Oh bless your heart! What a day. I would be so embarrassed about the neighbor too! And I did lose everything in my freezer once when my kids left the door ajar after getting ice cream out. I promptly sat down and cried. And I didn't buy ice cream for 6 months.

Helen McGinn said...

Debbie, aww, no ice cream for 6 months?!? I totally understand though!
H xx

NYC Mama said...

Love, love, LOVE your blog! Besides being able to hang out in Scotland while I'm here, I get access to yummy recipes. Whoo hoo!!! I am beyond "culinary challenged", so this is wonderful for me. So glad that you found me!

BarbiePhobia said...
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Helen McGinn said...

NYC Mama, Welcome to Scotland! Thank you and I love your blog too!
BarbiePhobia...I so love your name....dunno yet about fridge and freezer as I have been out all day/ this space...and thank you!

Helen xx

Unknown Mami said...

You just gave me a good laugh with this post. I wish I could have seen your neighbors face when you yelled. Can you imagine?

parentingBYdummies said...

Unfrozen freezer? That sucks. Hope it works out for you even though I love going shopping for new appliances; I just don't like paying for them! Stopped by from SITS, enjoy your day:)

Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

I too think you and the neighbor could have a good laugh about it:)

I hope your refrigerator is healed soon! This happened to us 3 times last year and we finally got some weird type of refrigerator insurance so now if it breaks it is their fault. As you can imagine, it hasn't broke since we wrote the check. Lovely, isn't it?

Helen McGinn said...

Typical, Becky...typical!