Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Staying In

Today, I am cleaning, finishing off a painting commission and creating the menu and food for Friday night's barbeque. There shall be no deviation from this plan or else the world will cave around me. So far, I've spent an hour on the computer, had three cups of tea and two of coffee, chatted with Brian, sent five texts and read Sunday's Style section of the Sunday Times. It's not going to plan. I have also cleaned a bathroom though and it isn't yet noon. I really need to get my bum into gear and stop this procrastination malarkey.

Lucy and Fraser are turning eight this weekend and there will be approx. 30 families coming along to help us celebrate but of course that means food, and lots of it. Lots of food means planning and that is something I sadly, yet happily enjoy doing. Yay.

I had a simple list to begin with but simple lists are made to be laughed and pointed at and therefore I'll no doubt come up with new ideas every 30 minutes or so until shopping tomorrow. I'll have to take in a budget, i.e. clutching the notes in my hand with the cards left at home or else I'll be buying smoked salmon, caviar and Madagascar prawns galore....hmmm.

So far, I'm making up two marinades for 12 chicken breasts, one made of garlic, lemon and olive oil with the other a home-made bbq flavour concoction. I'll batter each chicken breast until flat and tender and cut into two. I'll marinade them tonight until Friday. That way, they will cook really quickly and hopefully be very tasty. I thought instead of the faff of trying to fry onions to go with the burgers, I'll make some onion confit which can sit in a metal bowl over the heat, to be added to dogs, burgers or chicken as required.

I'll be doing my goats cheese pasta with lemon and pine nuts, tomato pasta and am thinking up a new one, possibly with some spicy sausage or chorizo. There will of course be the obligatory salads, one of sliced tomato, mozzarella and basil, a potato salad and homemade coleslaw.

Mairi and Sarah suggested Pimms as a good summer drink so I'm thinking of adopting it into some kind of punch with fruit but I shall wait and see what the weather is like. There will of course be plenty of wine, beer and Bombay Gin!

Birthday cakes will be two of the chocolate cakes I made the other week and I'll place them together to make an 8. I thought I'd also do a few lemon cupcakes, some brownies and a fruit salad. Wow, I hope they'll be hungry. I know the kids will take two bites of a hotdog and that will be it. Excitement, friends and games will get the better of them. We have a treasure hunt planned and the lovely Val has borrowed some sports bits and bobs as have I for game time.

I made up these party bags, if you can call them that; I bought mugs and filled them full of sweets, covered them in lovely wrapping and there we have it; 40 bags of sweets I've had to look at for a few weeks without being able to eat. Woe is me.


Helen McGinn said...

Photo of sweets to follow!

Alecto said...

Wow, this really makes me hungry *goats cheese pasta* :)

Cheers for your comment on my notebook, it's so pleasant to have foreign readers, especially from my beloved city, Glasgow..!

Keep on the good work, I'll watch your blog from now on !

Helen McGinn said...

Thank you sweetie. You'll need to tell me how you know Glasgow! xx

Alecto said...

I've lived in Glasgow for five months, with the Erasmus program, and I just want to go back there ! Of all the cities I've visited in Scotland, Glasgow if my favourite..