Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oh oh, we're halfway there....

The marinades are done, the food is all bought. I made veggie burgers (recipe to follow), marinaded some yellow peppers and onions, spiced up some prawn skewers, bbq sauced some ribs and the potatoes are boiling for the potato salad. This is the point I wonder what I've forgotten.

Veggie Burgers (Non-spicy)

Boil peeled and quartered potatoes with a cupful of washed lentils. Once soft, drain. Peel and finely chop an onion, add some fresh thyme and fry gently in vegetable oil. Once soft, add some thinly sliced garlic and yellow pepper, chopped small. Add salt and freshly ground pepper, a tiny sprinkling of cayenne makes the onions look wonderful...and stir. Cook for another few minutes.

Add to the onion mix the potato and lentil mixture and add a few good wedges of unsalted butter. Coarsely mash with a want little chunks of potato left...and transfer to a bowl. Add some more butter if required, a good grinding of nutmeg and adjust seasoning to taste. Cover and place in fridge until cold.

I plan to make these into small patties and roll in flour...I won't bother with the egg as it should stick fairly well and to cook, I'll place on a bbq foil tray with holes, brush with a little oil and cook. There is a possibility I may need to put a little oil onto the tray; these cannot go directly onto the barbecue as they would fall apart.

Now to make the potato salad....only 5 hours left til bedtime!

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